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Blue Boat Waverider boat authorized for whale watching

In order to protect and respect cetaceans and marine life in general, when purchasing a sighting excursion, make sure that the company you choose is endowed with “Blue Flag” ministerial authorization.

Embrace the rhythm of nature

You will be so close to the dolphins, as to be able to see directly into their eyes and hear their unique sounds.

blue boat waverider lanzarote

Enjoy the best dolphin tours in Lanzarote

We provide close encounters with diverse types of dolphins and whales in Lanzarote. Enjoy the beauty of free cetaceans.

Come with us to see free cetaceans. (Duration 2h30)

The Canary Islands are well known because of the variety of cetaceans present in the archipelago all year long.

 A third of all dolphins and whale species pass through the Canarian waters or reside permanently. Lanzarote is in the West Africa region, specifically in the subtropical area, and this spot is privileged with a lot of diverse marine life. Thats why we provide our famous lanzarote boat trips with dolphins.

Duration: 2h30
Type of Tour: Private Boat

Capacity: 12 People

Lanzarote has a stunning quantity of cetaceans all year long due to 3 reasons:

  • The temperature of the ocean varies from 16ºC to 25ºC. Being this perfect for the cetaceans.
  • There is plenty of food all year long. The cetaceans can ding cephalopods, fishes, and squids all year long.
  • The ocean has an average depth of 500m, with a máximum depth of 1500m. 

In the Canarian archipelago, at least 28 different species of cetaceans had been reported.

Here we provide a list of some of the most common species of dolphins and whales in Lanzarote:

Marine Safari in Lanzarote

Enjoy a private charter of capacity for 12 people.

Private Marine Safari for your family and friends. (Duration 1.5h)

Lanzarote is an Island recognized because of the diverse and unique volcanic landscapes and the beautiful and crystalline ocean waters.

Here you can find diverse marine life and plenty of wild species. The most common ones are Turtles, Whales, and Dolphins. Also, you can appreciate a variety of birds nesting on the island or crossing the Atlantic during their migrations.

Duration: 1h30
Type of Tour: Private Charter

Capacity: 12 People

Note : All our boat trips are weather-dependent, and we can not assure sightings.



Enjoy a private charter for capacity to 12 people

Private Boat Trip for your family and friends. (Duration 2h30)

We will take you closer to the awesome coastline of Lanzarote than any other boat trip, and at an exciting pace.

Our boat trip excursion to Papagayo starts at the Old Town Harbour and then heads Puerto Calero. There you will be able to appreciate the magnificent port, we will then go to Playa Quemada, a fishing village, from where you will be able to take pictures.

Afterward, we will start our boat tour around the coast, our specialized guides will tell you the story of the 15 million-year-old coastline.

The best part is that we are doing this boat trip on our RIB (a unique bote owned by waverider team), at a speed of 25MPH.

The guides will explain to you about landmarks, wildlife in the area, and volcanic formations. Take your camera, you will be able to take amazing pictures of the region.

Furthermore, we will be going around the beaches at Papagayo (in Playa Blanca), doing a slow cruise along the beaches, then resting for 30 minutes and taking and a drink and do some snorkeling in the ocean, close to the beach.

Our path to go back to Puerto del Carmen will be an exciting experience, as soon as we leave Papagayo we will do some high-speed turns and donuts. Don´t miss the fun and enjoy the best boat trip excursion in Lanzarote!

Duration: 2h30
Type of Tour: Private Charter

Capacity: 12 People

Note : All our boat trips are weather-dependent. 

Enjoy the best boat trip of Lanzarote, and mantain your eyes open, they are usually dolphins, whales, Flying fish and birds. Don´t miss this unique boat excursions!


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Lanzarote Boat Trips, Dolphins and Whales.

Explore Lanzarote in a RIB boat. We will share with dolphins and whales. We do dolphins tour almost every day. If you want to see free dolphins just in front of Lanzarote this is your opportunity. Contact us and book your spot