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Where can you see dolphins in Lanzarote? Here the best Dolphin watching in Lanzarote Trips.

If you are coming to Lanzarote, you should try our dolphin tours! Our tour starts from the old harbor of Puerto Del Carmen. Usually, we spot the first dolphins just a few kilometers from the coast, and participants can enjoy Lanzarote dolphins meanwhile they have the stunning volcanic landscape just in front.

The Canary Islands are well known because of the variety of cetaceans that can be spotted. During all year long, Lanzarote is privileged with the presence of diverse types of dolphins (Spotted, Striped, bottlenose, Risso’s, Rough-toothed) and whales (Pilot, sperm, Bryde’s).

At Dolphin Tours Lanzarote, we want to encourage people to see cetaceans in their natural habitat without disturbing their natural behaviors, but being close enough to watch them play, swing, and almost breathe.

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Lanzarote Boat Trips Dolphins and Whales

Daily the Dolphin Tours team does dolphin tours in a RIB boat, we start the trip in Puerto Del Carmen harbor, and we move into the ocean some kilometers until we spot groups of dolphins. They are usually in big groups, and we can see them playing and swimming close to the boat. After we spot the cetaceans, we will stop nearby so you can take pictures and videos.

Dolphins are well-known because of their energy and their sense of play. They swim right behind the boat and enjoy following the RIB at high speed. This tour is perfect for couples, families with kids, and any tourist that want to appreciate free dolphins and whales. Lanzarote boat trips from Puerto Del Carmen are a great option if you will like to see a large variety of marine species. 

Swimming with dolphins in Lanzarote is possible?

No! For your safety, it is not possible to swim with free cetaceans. It is fundamental to respect the natural habitat of the cetaceans and avoid intromissions that can interfere with their quotidian actions.

Lanzarote 4U. 

Yes! Lanzarote is 4u and your family/friends. The island is well-known because of tourism. In the Canary Islands, you will enjoy your vacations. Here you will find tasty food, activities for kids and adults, and plenty of unique tours.

Come and enjoy the majesty of our landscapes! You can visit volcanic areas, natural parks, vineyards, monuments, caves, and more.

And on our boat we can take you to watch dolphins and whales, also, do some snorkeling near Papagayo Beach and enjoy watching birds nesting in the Canary Islands.


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